Amazon Brings Counter In-store Pick-ups For US Customers

Amazon’s approach to bringing more brick-and-mortar options to its vast e-commerce empire, and its ambition to sell additional pharmaceutical products, now may have seen themselves a little more joined together. To help with this, Amazon has expanded its Counter system into the US, allowing customers to pick up their deliveries straight from the Counter in Rite Aid drug stores. It is free for the clients and applies to items shipped with Same-Day, One-Day, Two-Day and Standard Shipping.

The Counter support has initially been available in the UK and Europe, where clients could collect parcels from post offices and newsagents. Amazon said the agency has “been positively received, driving strong customer engagement and additional foot traffic for partners” in these markets.

At the moment, Amazon is rolling out Counter to over 100 Rite Aid stores, and it plans to reach 1,500 Rite Aids by the end of the year. The business states that it’s also”actively looking to bring additional partners onboard,” too.

For clients who can’t wait at home for deliveries and are worried about bundle theft, this support will make Amazon orders more appealing. This comes following Amazon needed a public break up with FedEx, once it failed to renew its contract with the merchant earlier this month. However, Amazon has lots of other shipping options available, using arrangements with UPS and the United Postal Service as well as its own delivery service, Amazon Key, which drop parcels in garages through using a wise lock.

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