Amazon Is Constructing Separate Warehouses For Its Hazardous Items

Amazon is constructing dedicated warehouses to keep hazardous products, together with the first one built from scratch set to open this summer. It follows an accident at the end of last year, where an exploding can of bear repellent resulted in 24 employees hospitalized.

In reaction, Amazon removed tens of thousands of pepper and bear spray objects from 30 fulfillment centers around the country and stapled their packaging shut,” to help protect against any accidental discharge,” Ooton explained.

The retail giant has an 80,000-square-foot experimental site in Virginia retrofitted to manage controlled products and will start its first brand new 500,000-square-foot fulfillment site for hazardous stuff in Mississippi this summer, Wired reported Friday.

Staff will receive training in how to handle spills, while deliveries from such warehouses will be dealt with entirely on the ground and not using planes.

You could also receive more separate packages if you purchase, for example, pepper spray, eyewear, and backpack in 1 order. However, the trade-off is that Amazon is putting higher importance on security with dangerous products, which can be a positive movement.