Elon Musk Is Planning To Make Tesla Cars, Much More Valuable For The Customer

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been talking a lot about Tesla Network lately, part of Tesla’s “Master Plan, Part Deux” that will enable Tesla cars with complete self-driving hardware to operate as autonomous robot axis to generate revenue for owners and also for Tesla itself. Musk said that after robotaxis become potential, Tesla will likely quit selling cars to customers, at least at anywhere near the same price.

Lately, Musk stated any Tesla bought now is an “appreciating asset” owing to the capacity to be used to create earnings in the long term. But an asset would not really value unless a new, similar advantage could not be purchased at precisely the exact same price. This is the first time Musk has said explicitly that consumers have a limited time to buy a car at any price close to what regular customers would think about as a fair price.

Tesla has a master plan that involves optimizing the full self-driving capacity of its electric car to a point where virtually no human intervention is necessary. This improved feature will cause Tesla automobiles to appreciate in value, thus raising its price to a super high degree.

Tesla has suffered heavy losses previously. It wasn’t until the recent Tesla Autonomy Investor Day when Elon Musk disclosed his strategy to rescue Tesla and guarantee its future. The bizarre CEO revealed a brand new Tesla chip that will power all Tesla automobiles and initiative to flip each Tesla Model 3 into a potential taxi. This is likely to make the Tesla Model 3 higher than just a car as it’ll also be a way to earn money. So, obviously, to maintain the Tesla electric cars as an advantage, Tesla will increase its cost to non-consumer friendly quantity.

Tesla shared some numbers showing they believe this is going to be the situation. In their recent Autonomy Investor Day, they showed a slip indicating that an average robotaxi would be able to bring in $330,000 value of profits over its useful lifetime.

Tesla will eventually change its focus from selling electric cars to operating a fleet of them.

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