Elon Musk Tweets Latest Renderings Of SpaceX Starship

New renderings of SpaceX’s next-generation Starship rocket, shared by CEO Elon Musk on Twitter early today, show the shiny spaceship sitting bare ground on the moon and Mars.

The artwork is similar to less glistening renderings which came out two or three years back when Musk laid out the structure for the Starship launch system (that was subsequently called the BFR) in the International Astronautical Congress in Australia.

SpaceX is currently planning to load Starship up with artists and ship it on a trip around the moon in 2023, but there are no plans for that assignment to land on the lunar surface. The spacecraft is still in the early phases of development.

Musk also tweeted an updated rendering of the shiny version of Starship near a human settlement on Mars. Previous visions for Starship revealed a layout that seemed more like a modernized space shuttle.

Last December, Musk guaranteed to supply a “full technical presentation” about the Starship program when the StarHopper starts flying. His launch of updated renderings might be a sign that he’s gearing up for this special presentation.

These renders are a simulation of turning another page through the gateways of the future. Hopefully, Elon Musk will lead this plan rightfully to show all of us that nothing is impossible to reach.