Facebook Is Replacing Its News Feed With Groups And Events

Facebook recently said it would begin downplaying the News Feed, and after the F8 keynote, we precisely understand what that means. In an upgrade that Zuckerberg calls”FB5,” Facebook will highlight groups and events, creating a prominent groups tab and a personalized feed from the groups you have joined, Rather than a generalized update feed from your friends. Group interaction choices will show up as you’re browsing different parts of Facebook, too.

In a blog article published during the annual conference, Facebook says the redesign is putting communities in the center of the total experience. When users start the program, They will see the group’s webpage at the center along with tabs for home, videos, and notifications.

“With this in mind, we’re rolling out a fresh new design for Facebook that’s simpler and puts your communities at the center. We’re also introducing new tools that will help make it easier for you to discover and engage with groups of people who share your interests.”

A redesigned Groups tab will reveal you a personalized feed of all the activity occurring across the communities you’re in, though a brand new discovery instrument will urge Groups you might be interested in — such as Marketplace, Gambling, Watch and other sections of Facebook.

The redesign is also supposed to help individuals grow their social circles. It includes a feature called Meet New Friends, which connects strangers that have something (such as a school or company ) in common.

The changes are as Zuckerberg promised to transform Facebook to a service less concentrated on looking in on upgrades from people who know, But more on smaller, Private interactions with individuals relevant to things you’re interested in. The upgrade is rolling out to users on iOS and Android from now and will preface a like-minded staying on Desktop later this year. As you can see from a screenshot below, there is much less of the organization’s signature blue.