Microsoft Willingly Going To Support 7 Startups With Projects To Help Disabled People

Microsoft Willingly Going To Support 7 Startups With Projects To Help Disabled People 1

Microsoft has selected seven successful startups to get concessions from its AI for Accessibility program. The thriving businesses aim to empower individuals with disabilities to get involved in technology and the internet market, from developing job searches to predicting seizures. This past year, seven recipients will get access to the Azure AI platform (through Azure calculate credits) and also Microsoft engineering assistance.

Over the following year, the recipients will work on elements such as a nerve-sensing wearable wristband. That device detects micro-movements of the hands and arms and renders them into activities such as a mouse click. Another project seeks to create a biometric cap that reads an individual’s EEG data and transfers it into the cloud to provide seizure warnings and alerts. Other resources will rely on language recognition, AI-powered chatbots, and programs for people with eyesight impairment.

Our Ability, A business started by John Robinson, who was born without complete organs, And his life have faced severe challenges taking and maintaining a job. The unemployment rate for those who have disabilities is double that of people without, and some disabilities nearly restrain full-time employment entirely. There are still chances for such people, who are equally as likely to have a thought for job management or talent for communicating as anyone else; but they can be challenging to find. Robinson is working on a website which connects companies with jobs suited to disabled petitioners to likely candidates.

Voiceitt is a speech recognition engine which focuses on individuals with nonstandard voices. Disabilities and cases like strokes can make a person’s voice difficult for family and friends to understand, let alone the relatively picky processes of speech recognition.

Google recently took on the same subject with Project Euphonia, which, along with the organization’s other attempts towards accessibility was given an impressive amount of stage time in I/O last week.

Microsoft is doing its work to create the world more accessible for individuals with disabilities. Before this month, we found patent designs for an Xbox control with Braille inputs. The company highlighted accessibility in its Super Bowl advertisement, and it is dedicated to improving VR for people with eyesight problems.

You can also read about other startups at TechCrunch.

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