Stylesnap Is Amazon’s Latest Tool That Can Help You Make Money

Amazon is releasing a quality that will make it easier to replicate a look you have observed on Instagram or a style in a magazine spread. At the company’s re:MARS (machine learning, automation, robotics, and distance ) 2019 seminar, Amazon announced an impending tool called StyleSnap for the Alexa program. It can help you pick out clothing and accessories.

StyleSnap is essentially Shazam for clothes, built in the Amazon mobile application. Users can take a picture or upload an image and StyleSnap can use machine learning to”match the look in the photo” and locate similar items available on StyleSnap will use AI to earn style recommendations from Amazon according to user-submitted photos. There’s no word on when the feature is going to be published.

By relying upon deep-learning technology, StyleSnap can differentiate between different varieties of clothes such as match and flare dresses or flannel shirts, moving beyond only parsing out color or pattern. Its algorithm can then accurately pick a matching style. Amazon is even offering commissions to fashion influencers as significant as ten percent for things they advocate from the organization’s own style line.

Lots of startups offer similar services, including online trend giant Asos. It may be easy for AI to recognize major clothing items, such as pencil skirts or flannel shirts, but it doesn’t really help consumers who can usually identify these items themselves.a

The launch of StyleSnap shows Amazon isn’t going to give up about the fashion business that easily, and the firm believes its experience in artificial intelligence can give it an edge over rivals.