Amazon Music’s Aim To Challenge Spotify And Apple Music

Amazon Music's Aim To Challenge Spotify And Apple Music 1

Amazon is planning to establish a brand new high-fidelity music streaming service with better-than-CD-quality sound, reports Music Business Worldwide. The new facility is expected to cost around $15 a month, and it would sit alongside Amazon music services. These include Music Unlimited and Prime Music streams at no more than 256 Kbps, well under the shade of 1,411 Kbps bitrate of CDs.

The rumored upcoming platform will allegedly offer “better than CD quality” audio. Thus far, at least one major record company has signed up to license its records, according to MBW sources. while Amazon is supposedly in talks with other vital rights holders. If the platform get published as soon as possible, it could help Amazon distinguish itself further from Spotify and Apple Music, neither of which have high-fidelity choices.

It sounds like there are lots of moving parts and necessary stuff to be determined, with the time of the bold discharge as yet unspecified. However, if Amazon can pull it off by the end of the year, supporting technologies that are superior or similar compared to Deezer HiFi at a price that is lower and Tidal HiFi, the temperature on Apple and Spotify will be cranked up.

Even though Spotify, Amazon Music’s biggest competition, has formerly experimented with lossless, CD-quality sound, the highest bitrate it now provides is 320 Kbps. Meanwhile, the Apple Music shirts out at 256 Kbps, that’s exactly the same as Amazon.

If you want access to more tracks (48 million more, in fact), then it’s possible to pay more for Amazon Music Unlimited. However, costs vary depending on the number of devices you have and if you are an existent Amazon Prime contributor. You may pay only $3.99 to listen to a single Echo speaker, $9.99 to get a typical subscription without Prime, or $7.99 with Prime.

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