The Next Version Of Google Assistant Is Lightning Fast

Voice assistants usually promise more than they could provide, But in Google’s I/O developer conference, the technology giant introduced an upcoming version of its Google Assistant that may make using your mobile phone with your voice incredibly more beneficial.

In an onstage presentation, Google revealed how the next-gen variant of Assistant might be utilized not just for basic searches and placing alerts, but also to operate your smartphone, Writing a message to a buddy, looking for a photo to attach, and sending it off, for instance.

Coming to Pixel phones after this season, the”next-generation” Assistant can comprehend requests around ten times quicker than past versions. Apps open almost instantly after a voice petition, as an instance, And you do not even have to say “Hey Google” while you are commanding items for the Assistant to perform.

A brand new “Driving Mode” for Google Assistant That you start simply by telling your phone “Hey Google, Let’s Drive,” provides you with a new UI for accessing instructions. Calling your friends, Accessing directions, and playing music, Are a couple of options.

“By putting these AI models right onto your phone, we’re envisioning a paradigm shift,” explained Google’s Scott Huffman onstage.

However, this next-generation variant of Assistant isn’t yet prepared to use. Google said it’d be coming into the company’s most recent Pixel phones ” later this year,” but did not mention if it’d be more broadly accessible.