AMZ Tracker Coupon Code, Deal & Full Review

AMZ Tracker Overview

As a well known Amazon sellers software tool, which back in 2015/16 was being used by most of the successful sellers. AMZ Tracker was a pioneer on bringing many new and first-of-its-kind features to its users.

As time was passing, new tools joined the market and made the competition crowded, yet the best results were still happening by AMZ Tracker team, which had a special tool called “ Review Club” which had its own marketplace to allow Amazon sellers offer discounts to customers in exchange to get quality reviews and of course rank up and sale much better.

However, pages turned and Amazon changed its policies in Q3 2016 and restricted incentivized reviews. This affected AMZ Tracker’s edge in the competition and let the cons of it grow bigger and somehow faded in the competition. Yet, AMZ Tracker didn’t fall and continued on its path and tried to bring new features to take back its place for the Amazon sellers. Let’s see how it performs after all tides.

AMZ Tracker Features

Rank Tracking

AMZ Tracker’s Keyword Rank Tracker is one of the key features you need, to raise your sales and rankings. It finds the best keywords for your listings and suggests improvements you need to make on your listing to rank them higher.

After every change you make to your listings, you need to track them to see how they are performing, and since this process is essential and hard to do without a tool, AMZ Tracker earned a good credit by providing Keyword Rank Tracker to the users.

Keyword Rank Tracker lets you monitor changes to BSR according to your targetted products keywords. It’s accurate and very helpful for pro sellers.

Email Reports 

This feature allows you to make a schedule to get email updates of your product rankings according to selected keywords. It eases the process of checking your keyword ranking products each day or week manually. By this feature, you will select the products you want to follow their rankings, and you’ll get reports with an attached CSV file directly into your email inbox.

It’s still a little bit confusing to set up, but after it’s done, Email Reports will do the job very well.

Product Promotions

AMZ Tracker tried to replace its “review club” with something new since it was not valid anymore and needed a good successor to lift the power of AMZ Tracker up.

Product Promotions gives the user the ability to connect to, which is a large marketplace similar to what Jump Send is providing to its users, with thousands of customers waiting for new products in the marketplace. It will help the seller to boost up its sales quickly.

However, there are some negative responses while trying to work on Product Promotion such as complicated customer services for setting up on, not so great performance on the U.S market and not very secure account creating on in compare with Jump Send which will let fake shoppers get into the marketplace.

Briefly, we can say that AMZ Tracker’s Product promotions work much better in Europe market than the U.S market.

Sales Tracking

A very accurate and powerful estimator of daily and monthly sales of competitors’ products which is well designed to analyze the product inventories each day and then specifying the sold and remaining item numbers in that.

Also, it tracks the products of the competitors and compares them with the seller’s products in terms of sales estimations, BSR, revenue estimations, etc. which will help you create better listings and rank up using new ideas and strategies.

The data you earn by Competitor Sales Tracking, will guide you through the essential needs like the amount of your inventory and analyze it to give a place for giveaways and promotions too.

Negative Review Alerts

Reviews counts are more valid than the rating points on products and this is a critical term for the customers to choose between the products they want to buy.

By leaving a negative review under the product’s page, shoppers will read and see how the seller’s responding to the problem. However, the seller needs to be notified about that negative review to respond as fast as possible, and this is what Negative Review Alerts is doing here.

It will notify the seller about the review to let him take care of the customer and for a possibility change his/her low rate, to a high rated review. It will notify the seller for every under 4-star reviews submitted under the product page.

Find New Keywords & Deepwords

This feature generates new keywords according to the auto-suggestion system used in the Amazon search engine, and the keywords you’ve entered in the bar.

The exported keywords are mostly valid and accurate while being helpful to target long-tailed keywords.

In addition to New Keywords, AMZ Tracker has added another keyword suggestion tool which is called Deepwords. The purpose of Deepwords is to provide more advanced keyword generation with more detailed data exported like their related category and estimated search volume and marketplace region.

Listings Optimizer

The List Optimization tool is explicitly designed to enhance your visibility by helping your products reach page one of the outcomes. It makes it possible to increase the general conversion rate that’s a particular metric that Amazon uses to rate products.

When you enter a product to the instrument, it is possible to assess targeted keywords and see if the listing is optimized for those keywords.

It assesses if the keyword is in the title, description, and bullet points, and also provides an evaluation on a range of different criteria that leads to a successful product list. 

The adjustments you make could be subtle and hardly noticeable occasionally, but they will help you with higher conversions and grow your positions over time.

AMZ Tracker Pricing


AMZ Tracker appears to be a tool which can help a lot of businesses boost their earnings on Amazon, but they need to be willing to pay the price while they have a chance to have a 7-day free trial on the product and examine if they want to continue or not.

An independent poll of the testimonials of the product online in addition to comparisons made to similar programs shows that neither of these products has a clean or pristine record.

Additionally, there are some other features of AMZ Tracker that are no doubt helpful. However, there is now a lot of alternatives to Amazon software available that offers all of the same features, sometimes better and more economical.

AMZ Tracker might be cheap once you add up all the features you get in comparison to alternatives, AMZ Tracker is a useful guide on the best way best to sell products on Amazon; however, it may not help you skyrocket to the peak of the category listings because it purports to do, yet it does it job as a quality Amazon sellers software tool.

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