AMZScout Coupon Code, Deal & Full Review

What Is AMZScout?

Another powerful Amazon seller’s software tool which is very promising in terms of performance and results is AMZScout, And like Helium10 and Viral Launch, we’re going to review it today.

AMZScout provides a lot of product and market information to its users and helps them learn about the market and even calculate their revenue and income to give the sellers a wider vision through their chosen niche.


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AMZScout has both the Chrome extension and web application, which are designed very simple and user-friendly, to make the researching process easier for the Amazon sellers. It also analyzes the competitor’s product listings and examines the quality of their listings; This will help the seller get their ideas and improve its sales.

AMZScout Features:

AMZScout Chrome Extension & Web Application

By signing up on AMZScout’s website, you’ll get directed to the web application and you’ll have a 7-day free trial for the beginning. The advantage here is that you don’t need to install any extra application or software to use AMZScout, it’s just about signing up and then you can access to your account through every online platform you’re using.

The Web Application is very comprehensive and contains a lot of features and tools like product score and potential score, which shows the proper product for sale according to the seller’s indicated values. AMZScout’s web application also contains keyword explorer which helps the user can use its data to learn about different products’ search volume and use data.

The Chrome Extension as its name suggests is only supported on google chrome (unlike the web application which has no such limitation) and can analyze products on-the-go and features tools like profit calculator which analyzes all the aspects of a product’s profitability, shipping, supplying, etc.

By surfing on Amazon pages, you can easily use the AMZScout Chrome Extension by clicking on it, then it starts to analyze in terms like Revenue Estimates, Fulfillment Details, Gross Sales Rank, Profit Calculator, Immediate Info on Rankings, etc.

AMZScout Sales Estimates

A very powerful tool, which predicts the number of sales of a specific product in a certain time period in 30 different categories. It is accurate and valid since the AMZScout’s database is large enough to collect valid data to provide.

Estimating sales looks like a mentor for the seller, which calculates and displays the potential of each product in sales and will be a very helpful guide to choose the right product to sell on Amazon.

AMZScout assesses the position of products in a variety of classes, it monitors the stock amounts of the solution and frees the data to obtain an estimate of exactly how popular the item in question is one of the viewers at any particular time.

AMZScout Product Searches

One of the essential tools of AMZScout which informs the seller about the demands on each product in their marketplace. The user will be able to see details according to different periods like daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

AMZScout’s Product Searches also indicates the differences between product demand in different parts of the year like holiday weeks, breaks and seasons. It will help the seller decide on his attempt to bring his chosen product on a specific time in the year.

With a large database including millions of products in 8 different regions of Amazon domains, AMZScout is bringing valid and accurate data over each product. It is able to show you average monthly sales, the price, the product margin, sales rank, and the number of reviews to make you more informed about your performance.

AMZScout Product Tracker

AMZScout does have a product tracker to track the products and the sales of competitors. This tool is designed to somehow spy on the competitors and learn about their sales and products’ performance on the marketplace, then it will indicate the best performing ideas to the user to learn and sale like a pro.

Product Tracker also can follow the competitor’s supplies and show their incomes and revenues, which is pretty tricky and important for the user to follow the right direction.

Sellers may also leverage data regarding sales and pricing to create strategies to entice their competitors’ clients by giving unique incentives.

AMZScout Other Major Features:

Keywords Explorer

Discover what are the most mainstream watchwords for your items in seconds with Keywords Explorer that motivates you to decide on the best ones to expand your own deals.

Spy On The Competition

Add contender’s items to the product tracker and check their everyday sales.

Sales Rank at a Glance

Information about the best sellers in every niche.

Quality of Product Listing

Analyze whether a listing has good or low quality.

Profit Calculator

Ascertain your evaluated wage.

View Trends

Google trends analyzer for every product.

AMZScout Free Features:

Sales Estimator

Amazon to eBay Price Comparator

Amazon Inventory Spy

FBA Fee Calculator

AMZScout Pricing

AMZScout Conclusion

AMZScout isn’t only extremely comprehensive but also offers just the correct quantity of functionality that one could need to enhance their Amazon business.

Along with getting a user-friendly interface and simplistic design, AMZScout also supplies a large assortment of features that can not only help users comprehend the market but also gain increased visibility of the stock and sales figures of their rivals.

AMAZScout is a paid month-to-month extension that enables the user to pick what type of products you might want to sell off as indicated by information, rather than instinct. By using this expansion, you could detect that the BSR, month-to-month deals, income, and so forth without really set off into the thing’s website page. You can assemble data very quickly and made great deals.

All in all, AMZScout is a great tool for product research and can help you realign and meet any aims and goals which you might have as a vendor on Amazon.