Article Forge Coupon Code & Full Review

Article Forge Coupon Code & Full Review 1

Introducing Article Forge, The Intelligent Article Creator:

Writing content-based articles in today’s world is shifted to a profession which not just created a lot of job opportunities for people around the world, but opened a new dimension for today’s modern age.

Technology today makes it much easier to write articles. SEO articles for websites, blogs, business contexts are now available for easily accessible and the author needs only his/her fingers to search the web to research on the Internet to get content and put them in his/her article.

Of course, it’s easier than hours to browse through libraries and to read a lot of books to find content, but given the fact that the internet world has much developed and grows day by day, search across millions of websites to find content and The required content has become a time-consuming process. But one should not be disappointed, because technology always has a solution to the problems.

There are now applications that produce articles, but almost all of them use a specified sample to search and generate articles based on the keywords requested. This does not make the article produced very valid and readable. In such a way, the author must rewrite and edit the article after generating the article.

In the meantime, there is only one application that produces articles not based on fixed patterns, but with the help of artificial intelligence. Article Forge is an application that intelligently examines texts and content on the Internet, reads them, learns, and generates completely unique content based on your keywords.

Let’s explore this claim.

What Makes Article Forge Superior?

As I mentioned above, the most unique thing about article forge is the AI engine it uses to understand and create your content. Not just typical web research, but it dives deep into each writing. Highly sophisticated algorithms are created to export very similarly to human-written articles. The results are depending on your keywords and your requirements. They’re mostly accurate and contents are pretty meaningful.

Article Forge is not a typical “content generator” that simply rubs the web and pounds sentences together. It writes each sentence in its own words, meaning that Article Forge is able to completely pass Copyscape. This means you never have to worry about Article Forge returning duplicate content.

Another unique feature about Article Forge is that you’re not just limited to English contents, but you have options to choose foreign languages like Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.

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As an example you can read this paragraph below which is fully generated by article forge and I didn’t touch even one word of it:

If you don’t enjoy the article it produces then you don’t need to cover it. Writing your own articles, however, is a real pain for most of individuals. So, Article forge isn’t just a spinning tool, but your private writer. Since the articles include a predefined number of paragraphs we’ve disabled the choice to manually set that number. When you wish to make a new article, you merely click on New Article where you’ll be shown options to start content creation.”

Actually, I just wanted Article Forge to write content for its own and it was really accurate and responsive.

Using Article Forge:

As much as the process of researching in billions of websites is sophisticated, Creating an article with Article Forge is pretty easy for the user. By entering to your account ( you can access the article generator for a 5-day free trial too! ) the whole interface and menu are easy to access. On the right menu, you choose “ New Article “ which will open you the article generator page.

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You’ll have 3 sections in this page :

Create A New Article:

In this stage, you will set your target according to your subject. Simply you enter your main keyword, And also you can choose to write your article in different foreign languages. After that, you can choose your sub keywords to lead the article’s target to a more accurate one. Also, you have the option to write Bulk articles. When you switch to that, the section will change, and you will be able to write your keywords and sub-keywords in different lines and Article Forge will generate articles for each line. Example Input: Keyword1, SubKwd21,SubKwd22. By the way, Bulk Articles are not available in foreign languages yet.

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Choose Your Content Needs:

This section is dedicated to set you will create your article according to the readability and variations, you simply can toggle and switch between money site filler, tier1, and tier2. By clicking on the advanced options you can access to a more advanced filtering section. This feature is not supported for languages other than English yet.

Customize how your article gets written: In this part, you can choose the variations of your sentences and paragraphs and also choose to shuffle your paragraphs. You can save your settings to load them another time too.

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Customize Your Article’s Style:

In this stage, you’ll have 7 different settings to make your article more advanced:

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Article Length:

you can choose your article length to be very short, short, medium or long. It means that Article forge can create articles from 50 to 750 words long.

Add Titles And Heading:

Choose to have a title or heading for your article(s).

Add An Image (Probability):

Maybe you want to have photographs for your article so Article Forge will search for a possibility.

Add A Video (Probability):

You may want to have videos for your article too, depending on your subject, Article Forge will seek for a probability.

Replace Keywords With Links:

You can turn this feature on If multiple links (one per line) are given in one replacement group, Article Forge will randomly link a keyword to anyone in the list. If you want to link multiple keywords to the same link/link list, simply list keywords (one per line) in one replacement group.

Guarantee Article Uniqueness:

If you have a Copyscape account, you can log in directly from here to make sure your article is unique.

Add Spinning Powered by WordAI:

Since Article Forge and WordAI are connected to each other, you will have the option to make your article spun at the scratch. You can choose the readability of your context, rewrite sentences and Add/Remove/Rearrange Sentences directly from here.

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After setting up your goals, which is not a complex process by any means, you just have to click on Create New Article to leave the whole process to Article Forge. It will take care of creating the whole process and make your article ready in a few seconds. Article Forge is pretty fast even tho it uses AI to generate your article, it is very fast to make everything done. You can also add different subjects and articles while it’s processing the first article. You can make it generate many articles at the same time.

Article Forge Price:

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With a set of detailed customizations which are not many, yet come very handy, Article Forge’s simple and very responsible interface will quickly lead you to your supposed context, well, mostly.

The process of tasks like creating articles using Artificial Intelligence is pretty complicated, still, it is very interesting while reviewing the results.

The ability to create multiple articles at the same time, having more than 5 different language options, creating very readable and human-like writing skills and also being fast at the same time are the most noticeable pros of Article Forge after its AI engine.

Of course, it is not 100% correct about creating articles, yet after getting used to it, you’ll learn how to interact with the software’s settings and customizations.

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