Grammarly Coupon Code, Deal & Full Review

Grammarly Coupon Code, Deal & Full Review 1

Grammarly Introduction:

The quality of a text, readability and grammatically correct writing, Are the most important terms to value a context and its writer. All of us make mistakes while writing a context, partially and generally. A lot of these mistakes will pass our consideration while we’re not aware of them. A native English speaker could help us learn more about our language skills and correct our mistakes by mentioning them to us as a guaranteed reference.

So a software which is all-time active and synchronized with our writing patterns can clearly help us to level up the quality of our writings.

When someone who is not a native English speaker tries to write in English professionally, The high volume of contents and time limitation to edit and double check the essays, Make them feel the need of an application to control their writings as a necessity.

Grammarly is a software that writers are using it for a while now and we decided to take a look at it here.

What Makes Grammarly The Best?

Grammarly is available as Online editor, Browser extension, Desktop version, and Microsoft Office Add-in. I mostly use the Online editor and the chrome extension according to my needs and since I use G-suit, their chrome extension is not fully functional (since it’s still on Beta) so I usually import my writings to the online editor which has a clear interface and you’ll have much more control on your corrections.

One of the most important terms in writing is precision and the speed of creating contents. Grammarly will take control of all the writings and will indicate all grammatical mistakes, typos, spelling errors and even the sounding of your sentences and instantly the writer can use the suggested words of the software or his own preferred words to correct his context.

What’s important about this program is the very low error rate and very high speed in scanning and analyzing the written text, as well as the synchronous assistant, which is always in control of the correctness of your writing with Google Docs, Microsoft Office, iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS apps.

Correct Errors And Polish The Text As You Go

Grammarly Coupon Code, Deal & Full Review 2

The chrome extension of Grammarly will easily add to your browser and will be in charge to monitor your writings errors. You can choose whether you write in American, British, Canadian or Australian English which is quite fast and accurate and by activating it, You can check your misspellings, comma errors, etc. on while writing an online content including emails, comments, and essays.

You can choose to control the content on the page you’re visiting by just clicking on the extension add-on and also choose to see the definition and also synonyms of each word you double click on.

Also, you can directly go to the online editor’s page or your dashboard using the extension.

I should mention that Grammarly’s Chrome extension is only available on premium.

Features and Apps:

As I mentioned above there are options to have Grammarly as a desktop, Microsoft office or as a Chrome extension. The desktop version is pretty similar to the online editor and brings you the same smooth and sharp interface. You can grab and drop your documents, essays, and other writings directly to the app and it will scan them all as fast as possible and correct your grammatical mistakes by suggesting you the right forms. By the way, it has the ability to correct almost 250 different types of grammatical mistakes.

The Microsoft office add-on comes very usefully too. By adding a new tab to your office taskbar, you’ll have more control over your spelling and grammar errors. Obviously, it is much more powerful than Microsoft office’s own spell checker so you can guarantee the quality of your writing by using Grammarly add-on and do a much more correct double check on your essay.

Using the online editor:

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The online editor of Grammarly is very handy and since it’s very accurate I can count it as an essential application for anyone who cares about the quality of his writings, no matter if it’s an essay for university or school assignments, a formal email or professional article.

When you get the premium account you can have your personal dashboard in the online editor’s page. There you can add your essays, save them or directly import them from your storage in the app.

After opening an essay, If you’re going to import or copy your context, Grammarly will instantly open a pop-up on the page for you to learn about the context of your writing (also you can untick to not to see the pop-up every time you start a new writing, but I suggest you let it be active), so according to them it will help you correct your essay, smartly. You’ll see five different sections:

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  1. Intent: To set your writing’s purpose you can choose from Inform, convince, tell a story and describe, and Grammarly will use its AI to form your essay
  2. Audience: Clearly you have a specified audience for your writing and you can choose between General, knowledgeable and expert.
  3. Style: To edit your writing as a Formal or Informal content.
  4. Emotion: It will help you edit your writing to sound Mild or Strong for the reader.
  5. Domain: To choose your domain between Academic, Business, Casual, Technical or Creative.

After setting your goals you’ll see that the editor starts to scan your words and showing your mistakes on the right side of your writing as alerts. By clicking on each alert you can choose to correct the mistake or just remove it. At the same time, if you feel like the suggested word is not what you want, you can double click on your word and see the other suggested words for it and change it immediately.

Grammarly Coupon Code, Deal & Full Review 5

On the right side of the page, you can see your Assistant tab which contains 4 different sections.

  1. Performance: By clicking on it you’ll see a pop-up on the page which gives some useful details about your text and also giving a score to your writing according to the goals you’ve set. It also shows the word count, readability points and also vocabulary points.
  2. Set Goals: You can change your already chosen goals for the context by clicking on it.
  3. Human proofreading: If you need extra confidence that your text is mistake-free, you can send your context to Grammarly team and they can check your context, edit it and send it back to you by email within 24 hours, 3 hours or 30 minutes depending on your preference. To use this service you need to pay separately depending on your words’ volume.
  4. Plagiarism: A very useful tool which searches in all internet to proof your context is unique. It is very accurate and will show you links of websites which are containing the same context if there are any.
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Human Proofreading
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After all of these processes which will finish pretty fast, You can directly download, print or copy your context on the left side toolbar.

Grammarly Pricing

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Premium vs Free
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Pricing & Plans


Grammarly is meeting all essential needs of someone who’s going to write a high-quality context. Its accuracy is high and misguided suggestions are just a few that you can easily ignore them.

The difference between the free and premium versions are pretty obvious, like the chrome extension and much more detailed text corrections mostly for making your sentences sound better, Yet by using the free version you can correct your typos, misspellings, and punctuation errors.

The only cons that I can mention are repeatedly suggestion of using the premium version and also I think they can improve the passive voice suggestions which are sometimes over suggested. Also, their chrome extension for google docs is still in beta version at this moment so it’s not fully functional, yet can correct most of your errors.

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