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Informed.Co Review: Amazon Repricing

Amazon repricing is the changing of the values of products on Amazon’s marketplace. Amazon sellers sometimes decide to change the prices of their products according to their strategy or their method, and it may be because of changes in shipping, taxes, competition or initial cost. This changes surely will not be done by a few sellers, since the competition is too tight, there will be a lot of sellers who attempt to reprice their products.

Shoppers start to search for their desired products and quickly skip the products with no affordable price. If a seller’s item is not being purchased because of its price, it inevitably affects the total sales of him/her. Thus, Amazon sellers are motivated to stick the most competitive prices to their products.

Repricing process is getting matured and more advanced faster than ever before, and it is because of the growing technology in this sector. Sellers are competing for the neck to neck and monitoring each others’ action through selling products, so the more they progress, the more new challenges will come. (known as Appeagle before) is aiming to enhance this aspect of Online Selling process. By creating new analytics tools, can help online sellers decide better and choose more rational strategies in term of repricing and keep their competitivity in the online market.

Informed.Co Review: Features is a fast, accurate and reliable software which quickly sets up and starts to synchronize marketplaces and costs. It indicates the seller’s desired profit margin and the source of coming revenue.

By supporting Amazon global marketplaces including UK, Canada, Mexico, US, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia and Spain, is presenting an excellent opportunity for a lot of sellers around the world and helps them work on their local Amazon market too. is providing advanced algorithms which help sellers optimize their product prices on their private label listings. Also, it gives you the option to keep your competition very close to the top competitors on your criteria by using parameters like handling time, seller rating, backordered status, etc.

By taking reports of the analysis, sellers can find opportunities to grow its sales and also rapidly reprice their products so they’ll keep up to date as the market grows. Some other features are listed below:

-Rule-based strategies

-Profit-based minimum and maximum prices

-Cost-based minimum and maximum prices

-ROI-based minimum and maximum prices

-50000 listings

Also, you can enjoy 14-days of full access to the features of the professional plan of here, and we can assume that they have integrated with eBay and Walmart too., provides two strategies, the Get the Buy Box and Sales Velocity, which are both algorithmic. Get the Buy Box, which works to win and keep the Buy Box. They also have pre-configured strategies for the lowest price.

Informed.Co Review: Overall

Since the Appeagle’s brand transformed into, the company is willing to expand its focus and do more than just repricing amazon products. aims to become a one-stop-shop where sellers can see a variety of data and earn real-time insights and suggestions which will help them make better decisions.

Right now, is doing a great job by covering Amazon, eBay and Walmart marketplaces. It continuously processes the repricings while having a responsive customer support system which is available as live chat too.

Working with will help you maximize your profit and increase your revenue too.

Informed.Co Review: Price & Coupons

Conclusion has an easy to use interface that user can adapt with it efficiently and quick. It offers a fully functional 14-day free trial to provide its users with early experience and learn their service and tools. is only providing repricing and its similar processes right now, so if you’re searching for a fully functional and featured Amazon seller tool, it may not be fit for you. However, As continues to develop new analytics features, they’ll have the ability to design and make out a range of additional software packages. So, if a seller wants the analytics and insights, but doesn’t want to reprice, there will be a plan for them, the same as for a seller who wants all the features. will continue to place repricing improvements front and centre, however, over the upcoming few decades, they aim to eventually become known as a complete tool for quantifying the health of your online business, and making educated decisions concerning how to increase sales and profitability.