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ProWritingAid Review Intro

As creating contextual contents on the internet grows, online grammar and spell checkers and text editing and rewriting tools are getting a consistent place in the must-have category for users such as students, copywriters, novelists, business writers, etc.

We are not talking about the ordinary grammar checkers which are already available on Word or Docs, which are not helping in high-quality contents by any means. The point is about applications and tools which are analysing and suggesting corrections on the go to level up the writings created.

There are a lot of free grammar checking tools available, which are meeting the basic needs of professional writers. However, professional writers are seeking for built-in grammar checkers with deep analysis layers, learning patterns and writing styles, which can be found only in premium grammar checkers and editing tools.

ProWritingAid is one of them, and we’re going to take a look at it today.

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What is ProWritingAid?

As its name may suggest, ProWritingAid is an online grammar checker, writing mentor, and style editor for copywriters, novelists, bloggers, students and business writers. This software is aiming to correct your grammar errors, improve your word choices and will learn your writing style to help you write your contents easier.

ProWritingAid has a plug-in for word (windows only), chrome, online web editor, downloadable desktop application and Google Docs add-on which make it a capable software to be used on different platforms. It has 25 (22 in the free version) various reports and ways to check your writings and also lets you choose your writing style. These reports will help you analyze, improve and critique your overall essay.

But to learn more about ProWritingAid, let’s dig more into its features and daily usage.

ProWritingAid Features And Usage


ProWritingAid can help you in both spelling and grammar errors, which will result in a more readable context. Using the desktop app of ProWritingAid is not on the go, it means that you need to upload your document to the app, which supports markdown, word, scrivener, google docs, text files, etc., then it will scan and monitor your words through an editing tool panel.

In the newly opened panel, ProWritingAid will indicate your grammar issues, spelling errors, wrong sentences and incorrect punctuations by underlining them. Red is for spelling errors, blue for grammar issues and yellow for the rest. It makes sure your sentences’ length is just right according to your contact, which will make your reader keep on focusing and don’t get bored.

Through the online editor, you will have other options like controlling overused words, incorrect tenses, cliches, duplicated words and phrases, overall readability score of your writing and sticky sentences. By showing these issues to you, ProWritingAid will guide you through correcting or changing the errors by giving you hints and suggestions.

ProWritingAid is not just a grammar checker, and It means that its abilities are not limited by correcting your mistakes; it also helps you compare your writings with other writers in your genre.

ProWritingAid also assures you about your content’s security and plagiarism since it doesn’t save any text you import to the app, after finishing the analysis. There’s no difference in paid and free versions in this subject.

How Good Is ProWritingAid Overall?

Versatile writing software with lots of features and tools which has a pretty clear and user-friendly interface comes in the package of ProWritingAid, so it meets almost every need of its users and helps them progress in their skills and quality of their writings.

This software is easy to learn and use, even for users with no knowledge about using an online grammar and spell checker. After learning it, the user will find how deep it analyses the content and sees the depth of corrections and accuracy of ProWritingAid.

So overall, we can agree that ProWritingAid is a responsive and well-designed application which not just corrects your contexts, but it also helps users improve their quality to create readable contents. 

ProWritingAid Alternatives

There is two other grammar checker in the market, who can compete in the top quality category. Whitesmoke, Grammarly is the big names here, while we already have a review for Grammarly, we can say that it is on top with its corrections and fast responses. It has advanced grammar checker and more comprehensive about your writing while having broader platform support since it has mobile application too. However, it is more premium-priced in comparison to ProWritingAid while the differences may not look too much according to the affordability of ProWritingPro, which also gives you a free trial for premium mode, too. Whitesmoke is the other option here, which is more affordable than Grammarly, yet not as powerful and so so quickly responsive in action.

If you want to have lots of features and options, while you’re willing to pay for a modest price and get most of the features available, ProWritingAid is a perfect choice here.

ProWritingAid Free vs Premium Features

ProWritingAid is available in both premium and free versions, and there are differences between the two. Also, Keep in mind that you can request for a 14-day free trial for premium version on your desired platform.

The free version is only available Online, which offers 500 words at a time, limited results with Word Explorer Tool and 22 writing reports.

The premium version is the fully featured version, so it is available both online and desktop. It offers to analyze long documents like articles and novels, extensions for Docs, Chrome, Scrivener and Word, full function of Word Explorer Tool and recently released real-time grammar and style checking.

With all that to know, let’s learn about the price of ProWritingAid premium:

ProWritingAid Price And Coupon

ProWritingAid Premium is available at the following prices:


ProWritingAid offers lots of features and options to make your writing look better, and at the same time helps you create more readable contents. It has an affordable price and also available as free, so it makes it accessible for a large group of users who are searching for a way to write more confidently.

It may not be as fast and responsive as Grammarly, and may not be the best software to rewrite your context, but it can guide you very well through that.

If you’re looking for a powerful grammar checker which is not limited to grammar and spell checking with a reasonable price and user-friendly interface, you can download and register for your account in ProWritingAid right away.