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Introducing Viral Launch, The Most Accurate & Stable Amazon seller tool

When you are planning to start selling on Amazon, You know that the most essential step to begin is to research the niche or criteria you’re going to start your sell on.

With that to know, it is clear that you’ll need to spend a considerable amount of time and energy to make it all happen. Yet it is just the first stage, and it may finish up with disappointment and leaving the whole plan.

Viral-Launch is a popular Amazon seller’s software, which is known for being trustworthy in performance while being steady in all functions, and at the same time giving a straightforward and user-friendly interface to the user. It makes it easy to use, fast to respond, and mighty in results.

Since last year, Viral-Launch has added a lot of features to make Amazon seller’s all processes, a more straightforward experience.

For example, competitor intelligence is the new feature of the viral launch to take detailed information about the competitors and learning their strategies.

Also, With pre-defined search templates, you can quickly start the finding product process with Viral-Launch.

In this viral launch review, we’re going to highlight some features of this software to see how it performs and responds to its user.

Viral Launch Product discovery

Great product finder on Amazon with over 25 different filters (including advanced filters) to produce a specific, accurate, and comprehensive search results, according to the niche which is chosen by the seller. It will excavate through the vast data points of Amazon pretty stable and fast.

In Product Discovery’s page, you’ll have four different labels to search, including Products, Brands, Category, and Keywords.

Viral Launch Product search

As it’s mentioned above, you can select a default preset or customize your search process by setting up the search filters. As for default presets they are listed below:

Small Starters:

If you’re planning to start with products that have a lower budget barrier like Planning for a specific budget (~5 to 6k $), etc. It will show you successful products with low upfront investigations needed.

High Review Earners:

Getting results according to valid products with high review rates.

Fulfilled By Amazon:

shows products with 100% fulfillment by Amazon and least amount of sellers. It depends on if you’re willing to sell through FBA.

High Margins:

Indicates products with at least 50% of profit out of net revenue.

As you can see in the pictures below, the search filters in this section look like this:

Viral Launch Brand search

In this section, you can search for products according to brands. Default Presets here are a little bit different so let’s take a look at them:

Fast Growing Brands:

Searches for brands with high sales rate and revenue.

Seasonal Brands:

You can use this preset If you are following the seasonal methods, Aiming for a seasonal flash sale.

Growing FBA Brands:

Results are containing brands with FBA capability, Which means Amazon will proceed all the fulfillment process.

High Review Earners:

Indicates Brands which replicating their selling methods through high-level customer reviews.

If you’re going to customize your product selling process in Brand Search mode then you can take a look at the filters, According to the picture below:

After receiving the search results, you can click on “View Full Analysis” to take a more in-depth look at the brand you’ve searched for, using metrics and detailed info of it. This analysis is designed by Viral-Launch’s team to give you information like brand’s average daily sales for at least 12 months (or since it was placed on Amazon) on a graph, which by moving your pointer it will show you the exact amount for each day. Below that, you’ll face an in-depth look at brand’s performance like sales distribution, average sales price graph, monthly metrics, fulfillment methods for the brand, reviews of brand, identifiable market pattern and the average price of products of the brand.

Viral Launch Keyword search

While “Product Search” is focused on single ASIN input, Keyword Search is reflecting the market as a whole. Let’s take a look at default presets and search filters:

Low barrier to entry:

Showing products with at least 10 sales to review ratio.

Quick wins:

Shows you small markets with those fields with a maximum of 15k $ monthly revenues, Which is a proper condition for rapid and short sells.

High Margin Markets:

Sources products with a minimum of 50% in profits. Which means it will give you keywords to lead you through high borders of profit.

Also, you can go for other presets for different purposes, Like seasonal sale, vendor-free sale, Consistent markets or even holidays sales like Q4 peak.

Viral Launch Category search

This section will guide you through the most indirect path to find products. You can choose to search for a small niche to dominate the sales in your selected category. You can spy over other competitors in a specific market. 

Search filters are mostly the same as other sections, yet there are some differences which are indicated in the photo below:

1.Opportunity Score:

An indicator of the number of excellent product opportunities in a category.

2.Maturity Score:

A score of a market’s maturity and relative ease of entry. Mature markets tend to be challenging to enter and provide a low ROI in the first 6-12 months

3.Total Monthly Revenue:

The category’s combined total monthly revenue

4.Total Monthly Sales (Units):

the category’s combined total monthly sales volume.

Viral Launch Market intelligence

Viral-Launch’s unique, Very accurate, and stable Chrome extension. It digs everything about each product’s selling process and analyzes the competition on selling the product, It calculates pricing and validates products on its own scales according to the product’s sale’s history, which is a pretty accurate process to assure the seller about the information he/she wants to receive.

It can investigate deeply into the product’s details, so It’s scoring the product idea to start selling with the product, depending on your targets.

Market Intelligence will show you instant data about how products in each category Perform in the recent period, to ensure you about the possibilities they have to sell and vice versa.

Also, it illustrates metrics about the reviews ratio in a selected timeline, Which can help you a lot to choose your field to start your selling process.

You will have 2 different options to attempt for search via Market Intelligence, One is directly through your main dashboard on website, the other is the chrome extension.

After you selected some products in the late stage, you can try to search and see them directly on the Amazon website. In the product page, by clicking on The Viral-Launch’s Chrome extension, It flushes out information on the page you’re visiting.

It will list the product(s) with some indexes which you can see here:

Viral Launch Keyword research

One of the latest features of Viral-Launch is Keyword Research. It searches towards keywords and creates a list of the most accurate ones, Ordered by Priority score, Relevancy score, Volume estimate, and Opportunity score. It helps the seller to develop listings according to all the details he/she’s got from the search volume; Also seller can import current Amazon listings to see its validity levels too.

After finding the desired keywords, the seller can click on “create listing” to directly move to Listing Builder tool, Which we’ll talk about it a bit later on this review. Alternatively, you can choose to click on “add to keyword bank” To save your session and use it later on.

Viral Launch Competitor intelligence

Viral-Launch new released feature, and one of the most potent tools which uses Reverse Engineering directly on competitors’ successful keywords and selling products, Using their ASIN codes. Competitor Intelligence gains competitors’ keyword ideas and uses them for seller’s product listings, So you can find which keywords are more trended or consistent, according to competition and which keywords are resulting in more profit.

You can start by entering a product’s ASIN or link after clicking on “track competitor,” after seeing your product, you can select “track competitor” to see a full analysis list of competitors like the photo below:

Viral Launch Split testing

This tool gives the Amazon seller The ability to test up to 7 different variations for listings in terms of product’s images, descriptions, titles, and pricing.

Also called as “Listing DOJO” is a great tool to develop your listing to its best, According to Viral Launch’s website: “Our powerful set-and-forget platform allows you to determine which price point, images, title, and description make the most money out of your listing!”

Optimizing your listings for sales, sessions, and profits.

You can add your product to it and then select your desired elements, To let the tool analyze it and show you opportunities to increase your sales. After that Listing Dojo will train your listing for maximum profitability. You’ll receive reports as each test finishes so you can analyze the data and implement your most profitable listing variations. It means, perfecting your listings at its best.

Viral Launch Keyword manager, Listing analyzer and Listing builder

3 tools integrated to give you the ability to make perfect products listings. Tracking your daily sell’s metrics, comparing your listings with top competitors, and also tracking your keywords according to metrics on rankings.

Viral Launch “Keyword manager”

A very powerful tool which shows you very rich details about your keywords. It will list your added keyword phrases and make a list of similar keywords, Then it will show you info about their relevancy, Monthly search volume, Priority score, Its opportunity score (which is about the ranking potential of keywords) and more. After that, you can directly export them to “listing builder” to create your product listings.

Viral Launch “Listing builder”

Will let you create your listing, also you can import your listings according to the keywords you found on your Keyword research. Then it will give you a valid, Optimization score and guide you through making your listings, perfect.

Viral Launch “Listing Analyzer”

will particularly analyze your listings considering their photos, competition, Reviews and listings’ descriptions and then scoring your listings. It will assure you about the quality of your listings so you can sit relax and enjoy your Amazon journey.

Viral Launch Pricing & Coupon Code

You can see all the pricing listings down below, Including 15% lifetime Viral Launch coupon code.


Viral-launch is one of the class-leading companies in Amazon selling software market. With a young and talented team, Viral-Launch aims to improve its service quality according to their customers’ demand. Viral-Launch is dynamic and flexible for adding new features to improve its performance and making it easier for all Amazon seller’s progress.

Considering both the growing market and competition at the same time, starting to sell on Amazon is getting more complex and a time-draining process, and it will get more difficult if you are willing to trade with no help of an Amazon selling software, As we mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Viral-Launch makes it much easier to choose a niche and decide for a solid strategy to sell on Amazon. It is truly a killer choice for professionals with a lot of experience and abilities as well as those who are at the starting stages of Amazon selling. They can use their skills and talents to make the most out of the exported data of Viral-Launch to create a very profitable cycle for themselves and also use it as their primary software tools!

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