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Introducing WordAI, The Pioneer & Smart Spinner

Today’s world life is linked with internet and websites. There are two aspects in this dimension, one is the user and the other is the producer. As a content creator or a content-related website owner, Writing unique articles, with proper contents, In a specified timeline are the most critical requirements to attract users visiting your website. Certainly, It needs a lot of energy, and especially if you’re controlling more than one website, it’s almost impossible for a person to do this.

In the software market, there are currently programs designed to spin articles. They’re designed to spin your contexts to make them as unique articles for your website, but how accurate and how specific they can do it is not very reliable, Since they follow a series of specific methods and prototypes, the results are largely predictable.

Meanwhile, there is only one software that spins articles using artificial intelligence. WordAI uses AI to process your articles, understands them and spins them up. As a result, It will submit a uniquely written article which is comparable to a human-written and high-quality one. Now let’s see how much this app can meet the needs of a writer.

What makes WordAI A leader Among Other Spinners?

WordAI is aiming to bring a new aspect of article spinning to its users by not just generating the words, but also using Artificial Intelligent to understand your words, article’s goals and the interactions between sentences. So the whole process is different from what you may see on other spinners, and the results are more human readable and understandable.

WordAI is not just for English writers, but it supports French, Spanish and Italian too.

Benefits Of Using WordAI

One of the greatest benefits of WordAI is its very simple, friendly and efficient User Interface. Even if you’re not familiar with an article spinner’s UI, you will quickly get used to it.

Being the first article spinner which supports foreign languages is something that makes WordAI more unique.

The quality of the articles it spins is pretty reliable and more human readable compared to other tools. The key to this matter is using AI, which makes the sentences and paragraphs look more natural. A reader wouldn’t really prefer machine spun articles.

Being a Web-based software makes WordAI much easier to use, you don’t need to download anything since everything is based on cloud storage. So all you need to spin your articles is an internet connection. Even you can run it on your smartphone.

3-day free trial membership is a good chance to take a look at wordAI, Even if you purchase the software you’ll be able to refund as a full money back and finish your subscription anytime you want.

WordAI Features & Usage

By selecting the “turing spinner” from the “spinner” in the header, you’ll be directed to the spinner’s main page. you will see a pretty simple interface to just put your article inside and prepare it to spin. If you are using “article forge” which is another application to create an entirely unique article and made by the same company, It is possible to directly import your articles from there too. You can see the interface in the picture below:

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After entering your text, there are features that you can set them up to create your desired article. You can even enter your article as an HTML or text file. Then you’ll be able to choose your article’s quality by setting it on Very readable, readable, regular, unique and super unique. I personally prefer the readable option with is the most human-readable option here. The more unique you choose, the more your results will be more complexed. Since the uniqueness of articles has a pattern to use much more different words, it sometimes loses the main purpose of the article. Still, depending on your goal, you can sometimes rely on more unique results too.

Next one is an option to “Automatically correct grammar with perfect tense”. The perfect tense is a third party app which is synced with wordAI as a side project, yet you have to pay for it separately. It will help you spin more grammatically correct contexts. By choosing perfect tense you’ll see another bar opened which will show you two more choices between “add corrections as synonyms” and “correct the spin”. I personally prefer the first one which matches my needs better than the other. It will choose synonyms of the words in the original article and uses them in the spin in a mostly correct shape to not to harm the grammar structure of the text.

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The next part is about 4 different options:

  1. Automatically rewrite sentences: It will smartly rewrite sentences by its choice, usually, it doesn’t harm the main purpose of the sentences since it uses AI, but it’s not perfect yet, so sometimes it may not match your needs. I generally leave this box empty.
  2. Automatically add/remove/rearrange sentences: This option is a very good one which scans your text, understands the entire meaning of it and spin it by creating a completely different shape of your original text. It removes unnecessary sentences and adds better sentences instead, considering the purpose of your text. Also, It rearranges your words without losing the main target mostly. In this process, WordAI will choose which words may sit better on your sentence. Yes, it is not perfect, but way more accurate than other non-AI applications. I personally prefer to use this option to spin my articles.
  3. Automatically spin paragraphs: This option will spin the whole paragraph structure in general, yet the process will not go far from the main meaning of your context. It would be very helpful for long articles which are not in technical or business subjects.
  4. Automatically add titles: This one will intelligently add titles to your articles by understanding the subject of it.
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After choosing your selections, you are able to choose words to be protected from spinning on the right side of the page. Also, you can customize synonyms and choose your desired synonyms for specified words in the text.

In the header of the page by clicking on the “Account” you can see some other options too. For example “Custom synonyms” and “Protected words” are available for your general customizations. For instance, you can choose to protect quoted words and titles of your articles.

In the end, When the spinning process, Which doesn’t take more than 10-15 seconds, finished, You’ll see the results in 4 different types. The first one is “A Super Unique Spin” which has the most modifications on your words. The rest of them are different spins which are closer to the main article in term of being unique, yet they are much more readable and accurate.

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After you checked the results I should mention that you can still customize your spins by editing some words and synonyms through the “spintax” which will be on top of the results. You can easily change the selected words by just clicking on them, remove or replace them with your desired words and by clicking on the “respin” it will add the modifications in just a nick of time. If it’s not enough you can select “edit spintax” to redirect to another page and edit it more detailedly.

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WordAI Pricing:

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In the world of spinner apps, which is still in development, I can say that you cannot find a 100% accurate article spinner. By the way, they’re still needed and very used to make the whole process of creating unique articles, much easier.

While using the WordAI I can say that it may not be the perfect article spinner in terms of accuracy, but since it uses Artificial Intelligence to spin the articles, the results are much more human-readable and meaningful. It is fast, smart and most of the time, Reliable to help writers create their unique articles and publish them on their websites.

The price of this product may look a little bit more expensive than the rivals, but it worths it by taking an edge on the intelligence side and giving you more instant spins out of your article.

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